Monday, May 01, 2006

Only two more treatments to go!!

On the road to recovery!

I finished up my third to last treatment last Thursday (4/27) - and was so glad to make it through another one. This is my second treatment of Taxol - and luckily this time, I had less pain with the medicine going in. Although it took a long time it was worth going slow!! I also had some good news at that treatment and found out that my hemoglobin is back up (has been down since before California), so I was able to forego that injection this time around!! I had my Neulasta shot on Friday and had my usual aches on Saturday - but not as bad as it has been!! And, Sunday, I was back to feeling okay!!

I have noticed that I have more energy and more get up and go finally - (maybe the hemoglobin going up has something to do with that!) and have been able to start my walking program. I have been trying to start one since JANUARY!!! But, I found this cool article in the May issue of Family Circle that starts you out slow - and that is what I needed!! So, I made it through my first week and feel great!!

Still teaching my yoga classes and love growing with my students!! They are such an inspiration to me and I am so glad they share those few hours with me each week!! Yoga has been an incredible healing tool for me - both doing it and sharing it with others!!

So, only two more treatments to go!! By the end of May, I will be finished and then on to my implant surgery and healing (and hair-growing - haha!) More later.....

Teacher Training at Bliss Yoga Shala -- November, 2005

This is where, upon graduation, I was given my name Lila. Here are a few definitions of my yoga-name:

~the divine play between the unmanifest and the manifest.
~ The term Lila (from Sanskrit 'Play') is based on the Hindu conviction, that god created the universe as a playful, joyous and creative act.
~"Lila" literally means "play," but in religious texts refers to "divine play" -- life as a spontaneous game played by lighthearted forces beyond our understanding.

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